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Ultimate Sports Injury Recovery Pack

Get back on the field faster

When injury strikes it can be so frustrating!

Not only does it mean time away from the sport you love but it also impacts on work, family time and everything else you have to do in your day!

At all Care Plus we back our products with over 25 years of physiotherapy experience and we know our clients want to return to sport quickly after an injury.  So we have put together the Ultimate Sports Injury Recovery Pack. This Pack has the essential rehabilitation tools to help you recover fast from injury.  

This Pack is normally valued at over $170 but we have it at the amazing value of just $130 - including free shipping in Australia - Click here to purchase

So what is in the Ultimate Sports Injury Recovery Pack??

1. The Ice Wrap Pro

Sports Injuries need immediate icing to reduce pain, swelling and improve outcomes.  Research indicates time and time again how important this step is – not just straight after the injury but repetitively in the days following the injury to really speed recovery.

The first item in our pack is the Ice Wrap Pro – designed by an Australian Physiotherapist it provides maximum skin contact with the ice and fantastic compression.  It doesn’t matter where you have injured yourself the Ice Wrap Pro has been designed to fit multiple body sites –knee, hip, shoulder, ankle to name just a few.  Another reason to use the Ice Wrap Pro is that is uses real ice – not Gel packs.  Real ice provides better cold compression therapy as it is colder, moulds to the area better and stays colder longer – meaning you can strap it on and know the icing is effective for a longer period of time.  You can even move around with the Ice Wrap Pro on and benefit form continued icing as you get on with your day!

Watch the video below to see what is in the Ice Wrap Pro

 2. The Premier Combo Plus EMS/TENS Unit

After the initial injury has settled many people can be left with pain or weakened muscles which really hamper their recovery. That is why we have included the Premier Combo Plus EMS/TENS Machine. This is a clinic grade machine.

We often use the EMS (Electro Muscular stimulation) in the clinic to facilitate muscle activation of weakened muscles after a sports and suggest patients have this machine at home to speed up their recovery. 
TENS has been used for decades as a means for patients in pain to achieve pain relief. Let’s face it injuries hurt and maximizing pain relief means early return to function.  The Premier Combo Plus has the best of both worlds with both currents in the same unit. It is also light weight and be either battery or AC power operated.  This unit has been TGA registered and approved through All Care Plus THS ARTG275207.

The Premier Combo Plus can store up to 24 programs and if you are not sure how to use it there are 9 set programs.  We supply an additional detailed instruction of what programs are best used to maxmise your recovery.  You can also set more programs you or our health professional and can set your own customized ones.

3. Fisiocrem

In our physiotherapy clinic we also regularly use Fisiocrem to assist in reduction of pain and inflammation in the injured areas.

Fisiocrem is a natural massage solution for all of your body’s aches, bruises and pains! It’s unique formula of 4 natural products aide in reduction of pain and swelling in all injuries or painful body areas. We have include a 60 grm tube in this pack.

FisiocremThe 4 ingredients are:

Arnica - extremely useful in treating soft tissue injuries and especially for assisting recovery from bruising. 

Hypericum - has a long history for its use in soothing the damaged and irritated nerves commonly found in                                                                     strains and sprains.

Calendula-Plays an important role as a topical anti-inflammatory, assisting the dispersion of swelling, and providing a calming relief.

Melaleuca - provides topical pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and assistance in microbial preservation of pharmaceutical products.

 4. Rigid Strapping Tape

The final part of our ultimate Sports Injury recovery pack is rigid strapping tape – to give your injured area support while it recovers.

Why Rigid Strapping tape?

A rigid strapping tape is essential in controlling movement around all of the joints of the body and is used regularly in our treatment sessions.

The pack contains a 38mm x13.7mm rigid strapping tape is strong and perfect for the extra support you need.   Watch the video below to see our tips on strappng a kneecap for support

Normally valued at over $170 - we are selling the Sports injury Recovery pack for just $130

Click here to go to the product page to purchase.

What is included again.....

  • The Ice Wrap Pro – which includes
    • 11inch medical grade ice bag,
    • neoprene compression wrap,
    • extra strap for larger body parts and shapes,
    • aerated zipped carry bag.
  • Premier combo plus EMS/TENS machine – which includes
    • EMS/TENS unit (digital with 32 modes and 24 programs), 3 year warranty with belt buckle clip
    • 4 self adhesive electrodes
    • Hard case for storage
    • 2 sets of 2 lead wires (use up to 4 pads at once)
    • AC adapter (Australian power plug)
    • 9v battery
    • Instruction manual
  •  Fisiocrem - 60grm tube
  • Rigid strapping tape -  a 38mm x13.7mm roll

You also receive our 4 part video email series on how to use the Ice Wrap Pro and our instruction sheet on the programs best to use with the TENS/EMS machine.

Click here to purchase 

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