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How to stretch!

May 10, 2016
How to stretch!

Why Stretch?

Every knows that stretching is good for you, but most people seem to ask what is the best way. A general stretching program to help with your flexibility is commonly what people want. If you are looking for a stretching program after an injury, it is important that you are properly assessed by your physiotherapist to ensure you are helping not hindering your injury.

Stretching excercises
Facts on Stretching:

  • How long do it hold? At least 30 seconds
  • How many times do I repeat the stretch? At least once
  • How often should I stretch? At least once per day
  • What happens if I don’t?

The above guidelines are to help with flexibility of your muscles. But doing stretches “every so often” or holding for “only a couple of moments” you do not reap the rewards of stretching.

Benefits of stretching:

  • Increase your flexibility
  • Assist with muscle relaxation
  • Decrease muscle soreness
  • Improve circulation

Stretching ideas 2

Caution with stretches:

  • Ensure not to overstretch: hold a position that is a comfortable resistance. At no point in the stretch should you feel discomfort or pain.
  • If you have an injury, ensure to get an assessment

Who Should Stretch?

Everyone should stretch even if they do not play sport. There are benefits for stretching to counteract the effects of our everyday lives especially sitting.

Hamstring stretch


Leg stretch:

Lie on your side, take the foot and bend at the knee making sure you are not arching through your back.

Leg stretch


Kneeling, put one foot in front of the other, keep the knee straight and lean your body forward.

Hamstring stretch 2

Put the front of your foot against the wall with the heel on the ground. Keeping the knee straight, lean your body in towards the wall. The second part of the stretch is to bend at the knee.

calf stretch

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