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Pilates Ball Videos

We have created four videos on how to use our Pilates Ball. The videos include hundreds, leg slide, kick out and wall squat. Scroll down the page to watch all the videos!

Here is the first of our video series showing some common exercises with the Pilates Ball.

 This first video shows how to use the ball while doing a common Pilates exercise - Hundreds with Table Top.

This second video explains demonstrates using the Pilates ball with a leg slide exercise.

 This exercise is great for stabilisation of your core.  Remember to maintain pelvic stability while doing the exercise - you can easily check this by placing your hands gently on your pelvic bones while you do the leg slides to make sure your pelvis isn't moving. 

 This third video explains how to use the Pilates Ball with the 'Kick Out'.  This is a great exercise to work your lower abdominal to stabilise your pelvis to enable good core stability.

Here is the fourth of our video series showing example exercises with the soft pilates ball.

 The Wall Squat is a great way of working your gluteals and quadirecps in a functional position.  Using the soft Pilates ball will help activate the most important knee stabiliser the Vastus Medialis.

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