Spiky trigger point ball for massage and pain relief

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Tired of being in pain from stiff, sore muscles?

Imagine having this trigger point ball on hand as a first line action when pain or spasm strikes!

Keep one at home and one in your desk at work – massage away the pain before the 2 hour meeting starts.


Using the balls in the right way can relieve muscle spasm, soreness and pain and get you back doing what you need to be doing.

Our practice has been established for over 25 years specializing in musculoskeletal injuries.

 We have tried and tested many sorts of trigger point balls and these are the ones we have found the best and recommend in our clinic.  Our patients use these as a self physio tool in between sessions or as a maintenance program.  

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 What is trigger point?

 A trigger point is a very painful spot in a muscle.  Releasing trigger points by pressure aids in reducing the severity of discomfort form these muscular points.  Common trigger points are in your buttocks, mid back, back of your shoulder and your lateral thigh.

 Why a trigger point ball?

 The secret to the trigger point ball is the spikes that can penetrate to the right spot to release the muscle.  Of course they are portable and an essential tool in any patients home program

 This trigger point ball is tough, durable and for repeated use. 

 What size?

 This ball is 8cm (yellow) and would suit most people.  If you are petite, green is slightly smaller at 7cm and larger person would need the red ball (9cm) see our other listings.

 Not sure what size – send us a message and we will help you out.

 How do you use it?

 Trigger point releases are best performed by sustained pressure in the most sensitive painful spot in the muscle. Normally after 30-40 seconds the painful spot should start to release and become more comfortable. 

 If you are not sure how to use it – Buy now and receive our FREE 5 part video series on how to use your Trigger point ball for pain relief and massage.