Natural pain relief and massage - Spiky Ball + Fisiocrem

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Do you want the best chance of quick pain relief?

 Tired of always relying on medication to ease muscular or joint aches and pains?  

With 25 years of physiotherapy clinical experience - we have found that the combination of Fisiocrem and treating painful trigger points with the spiky massage ball can provide great pain relief in a short period of time to let you get on with your busy day.


Imagine when pain strikes begin able to give it the double whammy to get relief - naturally!


How does it work?

A trigger point is a very painful spot in a muscle.  Releasing trigger points by pressure aids in reducing the severity of discomfort from these muscular points.  Common trigger points are in your buttocks, mid back, back of your shoulder and your lateral thigh.



Fisiocrem is a natural massage solution for all of your body’s aches and pains! It’s unique formula of 4 natural products aide in reduction of pain and swelling in all injuries or painful body areas.


  • This combo contains 1x 8cm firm spiky massage ball and 1x 60grm tube of Fisiocrem
  • If you would like to purchase these items separately please see our store for other listings - save $5 with this combo deal!






Not sure how to use the Trigger Point ball?

Trigger point releases are best performed by sustained pressure in the most sensitive painful spot in the muscle. Normally after 30-40 seconds the painful spot should start to release and become more comfortable. 




If you are not sure how to use it – Buy now and receive our FREE 5 part email video series on how to use your Trigger point ball for pain relief and massage.




Why buy from us???



Yes we are new to E-bay so we don’t have the reviews yet – but look us up on Google, Facebook, YouTube or Google+ (All Care Physiotherapy – Brisbane) and you will see that we are not an importer based in Hong Kong but an established and experienced Physiotherapy Clinic in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.  We have tried and tested many Trigger Point Balls and there is a wide range of variation in quality and durability and even the ability to effectively provide relief.  The balls we sell are the best.




We have put our experience and knowledge into our 5 part email video series which you will receive FREE with your purchase!








·         This information is general in nature – it is always recommended that your seek the advice of a medical practitioner if pain continues